About Us: Beverage Processing Industry Excellence

Mojonnier, a brand that has meant excellence in the beverage processing industry for nearly 100 years, has been reorganized. Its new leadership has a long history with the company and extensive experience in the industry. Under that new and experienced leadership, Mojonnier continues to manufacture, service, and support the full range of Mojonnier beverage processing equipment and offers a variety of services.

Our Policy


  • To make no sale unless we can thereby render a valuable service to our customer.
  • To put a higher valuation upon the goodwill and confidence of our customers than upon financial reward.
  • To treat our customers as we ourselves desire to be treated.
  • To make no claim in our advertising and selling efforts that cannot be fully substantiated.
  • To base our selling price upon an accurate cost system, so as to make a charge that is mutually fair.
  • To adopt as our factory motto “make it simple,” so that all equipment of our manufacture will be easy to operate, and economical both in its operation and upkeep.
  • To undertake no more than we can do well — priding ourselves more in the quality than in the quantity of our work.

Words to live by then. Words we live by now.

black & white portrait of Julius Mojonnier - Mojonnier company founder
Julius Mojonnier
black & white portrait of Timothy Mojonnier - Mojonnier company founder
Timothy Mojonnier


The company continues to manufacture, support, and service the full range of Mojonnier® beverage processing equipment, including De-Ox® deaeration systems, Flo-Mix® blenders, and Carbo-Cooler® carbonation systems. It also provides parts support for Mojonnier® Milk Testers.


Mojonnier – The Brand

The Mojonnier brand will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. It was founded as the Mojonnier Bros. Co. in Chicago in 1919 by brothers Timothy and Julius Mojonnier, both dairy chemists who graduated from the University of Illinois and began their careers with the PET Milk Co.

They developed the Mojonnier Dairy Tester, a process for ensuring the quality and safety of milk, as well as fluid milk processing and dairy conveying systems. They were relentless innovators, constantly developing more accurate methods and equipment to help the beverage industry. They introduced the Carbo-Cooler® equipment line in 1940, specifically for the soft drink processing industry.

A Glimpse of Past Achievement

A look at past Mojonnier® ads and equipment.

old ad for the Mojonnier company in black and white with pictures and objectives