A History of Trust and Innovation

A Beverage Equipment Company Founded in 1919

Mojonnier is an American-owned beverage equipment company in Ohio with over a 100-year history of serving the beverage industry. Mojonnier has consistently led the beverage industry in developing new equipment and processes that allow for more efficient and consistent production.

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Comprehensive Service

We pride ourselves on being responsive to our customers’ needs and goals through personal and direct customer service. We will be your single source supplier for all of your needs to minimize your downtime and increase revenue.

Mojonnier team members have decades of experience in the beverage processing industry. Our worldwide customers can be assured they are getting expert technical resource providers.


  • Troubleshooting analysis to correct any beverage process system issue you may be having.
  • Comprehensive audit services if you are planning expansion or changes to your deaeration, blending, cooling, or carbonation systems.
  • Detailed preventive maintenance plans and programs for your Mojonnier equipment.
  • The most detailed soft drink process on-site training program available in the beverage industry, customized to your plant-specific equipment configuration.
  • Project management services for beverage process and refrigeration applications.
Mojonnier beveage processing equipment

Featured Equipment

Mojonnier deaeration system

Deaeration Systems

Mojonnier deaeration systems provide maximum control and efficiency.

carbo cooler machine

Carbo Coolers

Mojonnier provides a complete range of rebuilt and new Carbo-Cooler systems.

part of a Mjonnier Carbo mix machine

Carbo Mix

Mojonnier’s Carbo-Mix allows for accurate filling of tanks in the carbonation process.


Our primary market is sanitary systems for the deaeration of process water in beverage packaging plants.  While the benefits of Ultra Low Dissolved Oxygen™ are many, our customers typically obtain fast payback and higher yields by increasing their bottling line speeds with reduced foaming and more accurate carbonation.  Customers also like the fact that we can replace their older deaeration equipment with a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative that does not consume any carbon dioxide.

Our mechanically driven GasTran Systems outperform traditional deaerator designs and gas/liquid mass transfer methods such as tray and packed towers, membranes, activated carbon, and chemical treatment.