Upgrade for efficiency

Upgrading an existing Mojonnier Carbo-Cooler system can help your business achieve greater efficiencies while realizing a quick return on investment. Whether you’re planning an addition, moving to a different space or simply seeking to become more efficient, Mojonnier can help by auditing your system and offering a wide range of upgrade and efficiency-improvement kits for your existing Mojonnier system.

The Flo-Blend® upgrade will allow full automation of existing Carbo-Coolers, including:

  • Complete system visibility with detailed touchscreen control
  • Fast and accurate pushbutton start-ups and changeovers
  • Mass-meter based blending and carbonation accuracy
  • Comprehensive recipe management
  • Integration with syrup room and depalletizer operation
  • Integration with existing CIP system operation
  • Simple uncomplicated plant-sustainable blender design
  • Very favorable ROI (return on investment)
  • Complete remanufactured or new Carbo-Cooler® systems

Other upgrade options cover all aspects of Carbo-Cooler® equipment improvement including:

  • Deaeration
  • Blending
  • Cooling
  • Carbonation
  • CIP and syrup transfer operations
  • New PLC control panels with HMI interface
  • New pneumatic solenoid racks and components
  • New level control systems

Mojonnier also offers installation and on-site training in new components.