New Equipment

Mix Processor:

Meter-based mix processors designed to produce carbonated beverages metering syrup, deaerated water and CO2. The mix product is cooled by a plate heat exchanger with glycol. Finished mix product can also bypass the blender portion of the mix processor and be chilled and carbonated. Instruments, automatic valves and controls with electronic processors, adjust the parameters according with selected recipe. The mix product is delivered to a filler via transfer pump that is tuned with the filler. Includes remote technical support functionality.

Syrup Rooms:

Complete customizable syrup room solutions to meet product and ingredient mixing needs. Available sub-systems and components include:

  • Batch and/or continuous sugar dissolvers
  • Sugar syrup filtration
  • Flash Pasteurizers
  • Deaeration units and homogenizers
  • Tanks & piping
  • Controls including remote technical support functionality

Flash Pasteurizers:

Flash pasteurizer units are designed to eliminate microorganisms and enzymes to preserve product characteristics. Units have:

  • High thermal exchange coefficient
  • Low fouling factor
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Controls including remote technical support functionality

Tunnel Pasteurizers:

Main features of Tunnel Pasteurizers
The tunnel units are designed to ensure suitable thermal treatment to products of various sizes and package

  • Monoblock structure design for small systems and modular structure design for larger systems
  • Tunnels can be used to pasteurize beer, wine, juices, and lightly carbonated beverages
  • The system structures contain the process basins and distributing piping, which is made of stainless steel
  • The system is available in single deck or multi deck
  • Registration Valves, heat exchangers, circulating pumps and motors are installed on the exterior of
  • the tunnel to make maintenance of the system easier
  • Controls including remote technical support functionality

Sugar Dissolvers:

Main features of Sugar Dissolvers
A sugar dissolver system main function is a comprehensive solution to empty big bags of sugar and
then dissolve, filter and cool to produce a sugar syrup.

  • System Includes:
  • Big bag emptying station
  • Screw-elevator conveyor
  • Sugar dissolving tank
  • Sugar syrup heater
  • Sugar syrup filter
  • Sugar syrup cooler